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Dapping Blocks / Dies

SKU: Dapping Blocks / Dies
This 2" Cube Has 18 Hemispherical Depressions from 1/8" to 7/8" By 1/16" this Plus 1", 1.1/2", 1.1/4" and 1.3/8" Depressions Match Punches in Set # 815-0600 and are Finished to a Satin - Smooth Surface. Made of High - Grade, Properly Hardened Steel. Ship Wt. 1.3/4" Lbs.
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Dapping Blocks / Dies - 

These dapping blocks are finished with hemispherical deppressions. It is used for giving shapes to different metal, it is also used to form balls and beads into shape.

All the Different Sizes are Avaiable as per the Requirement.

Our variety of Dapping Blocks, Cubes, Punches & Sets makes forming and doming small sheet metal into shapes adding dimensions and depth to designs simple; made in various materials metal, brass, rubber and wood. These hardened and machined European manufactured tools meet thorough quality standards, for consistent quality results. Additionally, please view our economy selection; we strive to offer excellent quality products at low prices, the steel grades are of exceptional quality matched with a high-quality finish.