Silicon Rubber

SKU: Silicon Rubber
CuringAt 165°C-177°C For 15 Minutes Per 6 mm. Castaldo Silicone Econosil Strip Easy to work with. Easy to cut. High shine finish. No release spray needed to take out finished molds. Offers good tear strength at a lower price. It is easier to use and cheaper than RTV's. Castaldo Silicone Super High Strength It is economy grade and offers very good tear strength at a more economical price. It is a brick red/brown in colour. Castaldo V.L.T. Vulcanizes at very low temperature of 71°C, vulcanises very fast, in 15 mins. For a temperature of 93°C. Easy to pack & cut. Waxes need no release spray rubber shrinkage 1.4 %. Perfect for CAD /CAM models.