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Filing Table with Dust Collector

SKU: Filing Table with Dust Collector
Features : Fiing Table with double suction dust collector. Table covered with acrylic hood for greater suction. Acrylic hood foldable in 3 places. Optional glass window for viewing product. Acrylic tray in drawer for better dust collection. Additional PVC flexible suction pipe can be provided below the GB (tongue of table) for tapping the gold dust at source & ALSO can be used to clean the work bench & worker's hand. Specification : Dim : 24" x 24" x 36 " ( L x B x H ) Suction Motor : ½ hp, 440V, Starting Amp : 1.7 Amp, Running Amp : 1.1Amp. Also available in single phase 220volts CFM : 250, Sound Level: 68db. (Approx.)
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